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U-shaped tie wire with galvanized on surface

U-shaped tie wire is a sort of twisted "U" shape iron wire made from electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized or black annealed wire. Based on advantages of high adhesion, corrosion-resistance, convenient to transport, U-shaped tie wires are mainly used as binding wires in construction industries and daily life uses.

Two u-shaped galvanized wires tied

U-shaped tie wires galvanized coating on surface

Two u-shaped galvanized wires tied

U-shaped tie wires with hot-galvanized coating on surface


  • Soft and highly flexible. U-shaped tie wire is soft and strong enough not to be stretched easily.
  • Strongly adhesive, perfect anti-corrosion, shiny color.
  • Save manpower and save resources. U-shaped tie wire can not only save manpower, but also reduce material waste.
  • Convenient to handle and transport. It is convenient to transport U-shaped wires and is the best choice for customers.


  • Gauge: 8 - 22 gauge.
  • Diameter: 0.7mm - 4mm.
  • Wire length: 300mm - 600mm.
  • Tensile strength: 350 - 700N/mm2.
  • Zinc coating: 20g/mm2 - 260g/mm2.
  • Surface treatment: hot-dipped, electro-galvanized and then powered coated.
  • Elongation: 10% - 25%.
  • Bundle weight: 15kg - 50kg.

Packing: Packed inside with plastic film or water-proof paper and outside with woven bag.

Number Size Diameter (mm) Bundle Weight (Kg) Material Process flows
UTW-1 8# 4.0 50 black annealed wire; electro galvanized; hot-dipped galvanized wire. When the coil wire was made, we will cut it to the length according to our customers needs and then make it U shape.
UTW-2 10# 3.5 50
UTW-3 12# 2.8 50
UTW-4 14# 2.2 50
UTW-5 16# 1.6 25, 50
UTW-6 18# 1.2 25
UTW-7 20# 0.9 25
UTW-8 22# 0.7 10-25


  • Mostly used as binding wires in construction.
  • Applied in wire mesh, protecting mesh, fence mesh, decorative mesh, window curtains, barbecue wire mesh, gabion mesh, etc.
  • U-shaped wire wildly used as baling wires of wall materials.
  • Other daily life uses.
U-shaped wire tying steel bars.

U-shaped binding wire tie steel bars.

Heavy duty welded galvanized barbecue wire mesh

Hot-dipped galvanized u-shaped wire applied in barbecue wire mesh

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