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PC wires endure tensile strength 1470Mpa - 1860Mpa

PC steel wire packed in coils in our warehouse

PC steel wires with high tensile strength low relaxation applied as reinforcement concrete structure.

Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire, also named PC steel wire or PC wire, is made from high carbon steel with low relaxation high tensile strength. PC wires are sorted into plain surface PC wire, spiral ribs PC wire and indented PC wire. They are commonly used for concrete structure reinforcement such as highway, high-speed railway projects, large-span bridges, overhead crane beam, coal mines.


  • Perfect cohesion. Spiral ribs and indented surface can strengthen the bond between wire and concrete, thus it improves the performance of the PC products and extends its life.
  • Low relaxation high tensile strength. With low relaxation 2.5% and tensile strength up to 1860Mpa.


  • Diameter: 4.00mm - 7.00mm
  • Tensile strength: 1470Mpa, 1570Mpa, 1670Mpa, 1770Mpa, 1860Mpa.
  • Standard: GB/T5223, ASTMA421, BS5896, JISG3536, ISO6934, EN10138, NBR74825 or according to customers' requirement.
  • Surface: Helical ribbed, plain, indented.
Size/mm Nominal Tensile Strength/Mpa Yield Strength/Mpa Elongation % Bending Times Relaxation
Times Bending Radius/mm Condition %
4.00 1470 1570 1670 1770 1860 1290 1380 1470 1560 1640 ≥3.5 ≥3 10 Initial load being 70% of nominal breaking strength ≤2.5
4.80 ≥4 15
6.25 20
PC wire twisted strands combined with girder box applied in bridges

PC steel wires applied as reinforcement concrete structure in large scale bridges

Packing: Packed in coils (800kg - 1600kg) with steel strip secured and packed strongly by polypropylene woven sheet.


  • Widely applied in reinforcement concrete structures such as large-span bridges on railway and highway, overhead crane beam, industrial buildings, stadiums, coal mines, tubular piles, TV towers, nuclear stations, dams, nuclear stations, factory frameworks, cement poles, telegraph poles.
  • Used in all types of high pressure water-transportation pipes such as water transportation pipes, PCCP pipes, PC water pipes.

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