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Product list of high tensile wire

High tensile wire with zinc coated can withstand outside high pressure and ideal for protecting livestock and supporting grapes in vineyards.
Galvanized, stainless, annealed wire with PVC attached on surface enables wires to resist corrosion and wear, and inhibit from outbreak of fire.
Loop tie wire, mainly classified into single loop wire, double loop wire, quick link bale wires, flexible enough to be used for tying products.
Spring steel wire has tensile strength and flexible surface widely used as mattress spring, compression spring, extension spring.
U-shaped tie wire with softness and flexibility used as baling wires applied in construction industries, wall materials and daily life.
Mini coil garden wire or small coil tie wire with black annealed, galvanized or PVC coated on surface as tying wire applied in gardening and daily life.
High tensile fences with high strength and low elongation to be connected with posts used for protecting livestock on farmland.
High tensile field fence with diverse weaving methods mainly used for protecting livestock, rural farm and construction sites.
Rebar tie wire has excellent flexibility and softness, it is used for tying construction materials and supporting plants.
PC steel wire with low relaxation high tensile strength well applied in large-span bridges, highway, railway, dams, water pipe.
CCS wire combines high intensity steel and oxygen-free copper with conductivity and corrosion resistance, suitable for communications, electronics.