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Class 3 galvanized coating high tensile wire 1.6 - 4.0mm

Composed of high carbon steel, high tensile wire has increased strength and reduced elongation. It can avoid stretching and drooping. With medium and heavy zinc coating on surface, high tensile wire can resist corrosion and rust. High tensile wire can be applied in industrial construction, livestock protection, agriculture, etc. Furthermore, it is durable and can remain for decades if used properly.

Two coils and two spools high tensile wire

Galvanized high tensile wire coils and spools

One coil class 3 galvanized high tensile wire

Heavy zinc coated high tensile wire


  • High strength and low elongation. High tensile wire with relatively small diameter can replace thicker low carbon ones.
  • Ideal for harsh weather condition and tough environment. Based on its perfect properties of corrosion and rust resistance, high tensile wire can be used in diverse and harsh conditions such as vineyard and fruit-yard where there are fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.
  • Endure excessive pressure. To some degree, it is suitable for enclosing livestock and can reduce damage caused by animals, falling trees and other objects.
  • Easy to handle. It is so easy to operate and install that you can save your time as much as possible.
  • Long life expectancy and low maintenance. Stronger than soft low carbon wires, once high tensile wire is properly installed, it will remain for years and requires little maintenance.


  • High tensile wire can be widely used in agricultural fields, vineyard, fruit-yards and greenhouses.
  • Generally applied in farming, coastal fencing, residential fencing, brace wires in assembles.
  • In most situations, high tensile wires are combined with fabricated fences as effective boundaries to protect and prevent domestic livestock from the hurt of exotic animals.
  • Suitable to wider and expansive space.
  • Forbidden in places where there is fire.
High tensile wire connected with wood post applied in fields.

High tensile wire fence

High tensile wire knotted fences are used to protect deer from hurt of predators

High tensile wire knotted fencing for deer protection

High tensile wire connected with wooden post to enclose livestock on farmland

High tensile fence wire for cattle

Galvanized high tensile wire installed in vineyard to support the grapes

Anti-corrosion and rust high tensile wire fence in vineyard


  • Wire diameter (mm): 1.60mm - 4.00mm.
  • Finish: Hot-dipped galvanized wire.
  • Medium zinc-coating (G/m2): 40 - 50g/m2.
  • Heavy zinc coating (G/m2): 200 - 260g/m2.
  • Tensile Strength (PSI): 170,000 - 200,000PSI.
  • Breaking Load (LBS): 1380 - 1540lbs.
  • Package: In coil or spool. Packed in coil with 25kg/coil or 50kg/coil with inside plastic films and outside woven cloth.
1.60 1584 220 80 Electric fencing
Support wires in orchard and viticulture irrigation systems
2.00 1013 395 110
2.50 650 620 150 Conventional electric fencing;
Brace wires in end assemblies, tiebacks;
High tensile field fence
3.15 408 835 220 Artificial shelter
Canopy support
High tensile fence
4.00 253 1405 300

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