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CCS wire with high conductivity ranged from 15% - 40%

Copper clad steel strand wire (CCS strand wire) is a sort of bi-metallic wire using high tensile steel as basic core, high conductivity and corrosion resistant oxygen-free copper as surface. CCS strand wire is divided into soft state and hard state with perfect conductivity, which is a good choice for various industries such as communications, electrical power and electronics.

Three reels copper clad steel strand wire.

Copper clad steel strand wires.


  • High intensity and corrosion resistance. CCS strand wire uses 99% pure cooper clad steel. It has good intensity and tenacity of steel, and good conductivity and anti-corrosion of copper.
  • Stable conductivity. With copper plated on surface, CCS wire has good conductivity from 15% - 40%.
  • High copper layer cohesion. Copper layer and steel surface are molecularly bonded reducing destruction.
  • Light weight and low price. CCS wire is 13% lighter than pure copper wire and relatively low in price.
  • Shiny surface and not easily bent.
  • Convenient and easy to transport.


  • Wire diameter: single wire 1.7mm - 3.3mm; outside diameter 5.1mm - 22.4mm.
  • Tensile strength: 300Mpa - 1800Mpa.
  • Conductivity: 15% - 40%.
  • Breaking Loads: 30kg - 1200kg.
  • Elongation range: 1% - 25%.
  • Cross-sectional Area: 16mm2 - 300mm2.
Sizes Cross-sectional Area (mm2) Single Dia. (mm) Wire Nos. (pcs) Outside Dia (mm)
CCS-16 16 1.7 7 5.10
CCS-25 25 2.15 7 6.50
CCS-35 35 2.52 7 7.60
CCS-50 50 1.80 19 9.00
CCS-70 70 2.10 19 11.00
CCS-95 95 2.52 19 12.60
CCS-120 120 2.80 19 14.00
CCS-150 150 2.30 37 16.00
CCS-180 185 2.50 37 17.60
CCS-240 240 2.80 37 20.00
CCS-300 300 3.20 37 22.40

Packing: Packed in reels, wooden or steel drum.


  • Power cable braided shielding wire.
  • Overhead power transmission and telephone line.
  • Parallel double core telephone users' telecommunication lines conductor.
  • Electrified railway, rail transit lines catenary, trolley line.
  • Cable TV users line and into-door line coaxial cable inner conductor materials.
  • Computer LAN, access network cable, field cable conductor materials.
  • Petrochemical and power system grounding lines.
  • All kinds of electronic components of connectors.
3 cores PVC-insulated electric cable wire

CCS wire as electric cable wire with insulated PVC coated

CCS wire as coaxial cable conductor material

Coaxial cable inner conductor material to carry TV signal

CCS wire for coaxial cable conductor wires wrapped with PVC hose

CCS wire as coaxial cable inner conductor wire in electronic products

CCS wire twisted strand used for railway trolley line.

CCS wire as electrified railway trolley line.

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