High tensile wire used as tie wire, rebar wire and horse wire as well

High tensile wire for wire ties and fence wire

As specialist for manufacturing and exporting high tensile wire for over 20 years, our company can supply quality, durable high tensile wire, high tensile fence, field fence, various baling wires for farmers applied in farmland, gardens and construction.

What types of high tensile wire are you looking for?

Galvanized double loop tie wire

Galvanized loop tie wire

Two coils and two spools high tensile wire

Galvanized high tensile wire coils and spools

Colorful PVC wires bundled in coils.

Colorful PVC coated wire

Three reels copper clad steel strand wire

Copper clad steel wires

High tensile wire has a wide range of materials and applications. We supply general categories listed below.

Galvanized high tensile wire:

  • Flexible and durable.
  • Zinc coated surface makes it corrosion and rust resistant.
  • Ideal for harsh weather condition and tough environment.
  • Long service life and low maintenance.

PVC coated high tensile wire:

  • Excellent corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Perfect insulating property.
  • Low price and beautiful.
  • Anti-aging property.

Copper high tensile wire:

  • High intensity and corrosion resistance.
  • Stable conductivity.
  • High copper layer cohesion.
  • Light weight and low price.

What can you do with high tensile wire?

  • For baling wire: It is a good choice for baling cotton, bundling up gunny sacks, tying plants in gardens to protect plants from bad weather.
  • Construction use: It is widely applied in reinforcement concrete structures such as large-span bridges on railway and highway, all types of high pressure transportation pipes such as water transportation pipes.
  • High tensile fence: It contains numerous livestock and protects livestock from harm of predators as well as preserves forests.
  • High tensile field fence: It is used for enclosing a variety of livestock and keeping animals away from roads and highways.
Several piles cotton tied with single loop tie wire

Single loop tie wire long strong enough to be used as baling wire

As an ideal baling wire, loop tie wire is your premium choice. It is usually used to bind cottons, weaving bags and other products. Customers can be assured of the quality due to its perfect flexibility.
PC wire twisted strands combined with girder box applied in bridges

PC steel wires as reinforcement concrete structure in large scale bridges

If PC steel wire is a representative wire which can be used for tying reinforcement concrete in construction industry. It is strongly recommended by most suppliers and customers. It is flexible and corrosion-resistant. 
High tensile fence connected with posts for farmland.

High tensile fence

High tensile fence is strongly recommended for farmers on their rangeland. Fences can be combined with several posts to form a large-span fence to enclose and protect livestock from harm of predators. You can benefit a lot from it.
Square deal knot fences for enclosing hens

Square deal knot fences suitable for enclosing chickens and preventing them from predators

Livestock owners can consider such fences. They can be divided into diverse fences according to different weaving methods for different animals. More importantly, they can ensure the safety of animals.

Our company aims to provide all sorts of high tensile wire products to cater to the demands of our customers. We adhere to the principle of "Human-oriented, Customers uppermost, Technical innovation". Apart from that, we also have skilled working staff and superb service. Need more detailed information or customize products? Please feel free to contact us via our e-mail address wire@galwire.com.

Hot Products
High tensile wire with zinc coated can withstand outside high pressure and ideal for protecting livestock and supporting grapes in vineyards.
Galvanized, stainless, annealed wire with PVC attached on surface enables wires to resist corrosion and wear, and inhibit from outbreak of fire.
High tensile fences with high strength and low elongation to be connected with posts used for protecting livestock on farmland.
Rebar tie wire has excellent flexibility and softness, it is used for tying construction materials and supporting plants.
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